Are you a living in North Glasgow with an active interest in art and looking to gain new skills, experience, and become part of a group of supportive individuals wanting you to succeed and learn.

Have you got an interest in art – either painting, drawing, printmaking? If yes, please send us a message today!

  • Through art, explore your connection to the Forth & Clyde canal and learn about your heritage.

  • Build a portfolio of visual art work that explores the themes of celebration, memory’s & nature which connect us to the Forth & Clyde canal.

  • Exhibit your final work at the annual Canal Festival based on the Speirs wharf canal

Subject A basic introduction to Visual Arts Group 12 adults with little or no previous experience of visual art Dates TBA
Number of sessions 6 Teaching 


30 (5 x 6 hours) Venue Civic House
Aim of programme To introduce learners to the basic of visual arts Resources sketch book, pencils, paint, board, Flipchart and paper
Timing Objectives Resources Teacher Activities Learner Activties Assessment
5.00pm Learners will participate in an induction process Organisation Introduction of self and explain organisations facilitates Listening, response and questions Oral questions
5.15pm Learners will complete an icebreaker Ice breaker handout Ask learners to talk in pairs, the introduce each other Discussion in pairs /Introduction
5.45pm Learners will agree the ground rules Flip chart and paper Ask learners to discuss and Flipchart their ground rules Discussion and use of flip chart Observation
6.00pm Learner will gain knowledge of the course Column 3 Value 4 Column 4 Value 4 Column 5 Value 4 Oral questions
6.15pm Learners will carry out an initial assessment and learning styles Questionairre Column 3 Value 5 Column 4 Value 5 Column 5 Value 5 Initial assessment and learning styles Questionairre
7.00pm Break  
7.20pm Learners will observe a practical demonstration sketch book, handouts Demonstrate various was to sketch ideas Observation Oral questions
7.35pm Learners will use a pencil and sketch book to gain confidence brain storming ideas paper, pencils and exercise Observe and support learners as necessary as they work through individual practical exercise Practical Oral & Written questions and observation
8.35pm Learners will answer questions regarding the basics of visual art Gapped handout Issue and explain gapped handout – discuss with group once complete Completion of gapped handout and feedback form Discussion and oral questions
8.45pm Learners will hear a summary of the days session Flip chart Recap of session and state what will be covered next workshop Listening, questions
9.00pm End of session Any questions

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